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Private Occupational Therapy

For patients in need of occupational therapy there are a number of ways to find the help they need. Sometimes this is done by referral through a GP, doctor or nurse and care is provided by the NHS. Advice and guidance through a GP can be very helpful but it is not always necessary to apply for care through the NHS. There are many companies out there that can offer private occupational therapy services.

What does private occupational therapy offer?

Private occupational therapy is hugely beneficial as a profession in the health and social care sectors. It enables patients requiring treatment to lead full, independent and satisfying lives following an accident or injury, through illness, disability or through old age.

Private occupational therapy services offer all the same services that are found through NHS care in hospitals, primary care and patients' homes, they also offer services to sectors that are not catered for by the NHS such as:

  • Private organisations
  • Individuals
  • Solicitors
  • Charities
  • Housing associations
  • Voluntary associations

They offer care to children, adults, and older people who have any kind of physical, social of learning difficulties, helping them to become independent in a range of activities from doing school work and getting dressed to finding work, budgeting and time management.

Housing Associations

With mounting pressure on the NHS through staff cuts and longer waiting times, the need for private occupational therapy companies to work alongside housing associations is greater than ever. Private therapists can carry out assessments and reports in clients' homes to look for potential trip hazards and minor modifications to major changes such as stair lifts and wheelchair ramps or the widening of doors. All assessments are catered to the need of the individual client and worked around a budget that is set by the housing association.


Private occupational therapists can also be hired by parents to help with the everyday needs or with rehabilitation of a child. Having a child that is physically impaired or suffering from mental issues can be stressful on parents, especially if there is more than one child to look after as-well as juggling work. Private therapists can help children to participate in household chores such as tidying away toys and can help teach them to get dressed alone. They can also visit homes and schools to carry out assessments into any changes that need to be made to enable the child to go to school of live life at home as easily as possible


Private occupational therapists can also provide help and advice with charities or non-profit organisations. These may be charities that are unable to wait for help from social services or were unable to have their needs met for any reason. Private occupational therapists can respond quickly to provide assessments and reports on client homes or refuge centres to give information on aids, adaptions, equipment and the suppliers and prices of everything needed to improve the independence of those who are in need of it.

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