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Occupational Therapy Medicolegal Report

An occupational therapy medicolegal report is request when there is a case of personal injury, accident or medical negligence that is to be decided in court. Occupational therapists will be instructed by a claimant, solicitor or referral agency working on their behalf to conduct a detailed report into the functioning life of the claimant to be produced to a court to help the judge decide upon a conclusion to a case.


Occupational therapy medicolegal reports that are carried out by occupational therapists are written to include a range of details.

First will be the functioning ability of the claimant in the past, the present and the future. The report will detail how the claimant lived their life before the injury or accident, it will look at the claimants home, the past work that was done and if it has been affected as-well as thing like the ability to drive and participate in different activities.

Future projections will be made to the future of the claimant in their current state.

  • The amount and the cost of on-going occupational therapy that will be required.
  • The claimant's ability and possibility of returning to work in a job that they had or a new kind of work.
  • The need for the claimant care including past, present and future.
  • Modifications that may be needed to the claimants home, including the cost of them, this could be widened doors or the input of a wheelchair ramp and various handles to aid in stabilisation.
  • Any reasons that may require re-housing, for instance if the claimant lived in a high rise apartment block they may require re-housing to a ground floor flat or bungalow.
  • Extra transport cost that may be incurred
  • Annual and capital costs of any equipment that may need to be purchased, this could include wheelchairs, seating or walk-in baths.
  • All extra costs as a result of the injury. These may cost to pay contractors for decorating, gardening and general DIY tasks

Once the assessment has been carried out in can take around one month for the report to be ready (this can be done in a week or two weeks but is generally a month). Once the report is ready it is forwarded to the claimants Solicitor and a copy to the claimants GP.

Occupational Therapy Medicolegal report instruction

Instructions can be passed on the therapist to conduct an occupational therapy medico legal report through the use of email or can be written. There is certain information that must be included when the instruction is sent, these instructions are:

  • What services are required, for example attendance at court and meetings, answering questions in writing and provision of experts report.
  • Capacity of appointment, this could be as expert advisor or single joint expert.
  • GP and hospital records.
  • Witness statements.
  • Relevant court orders.
  • Background information.
  • Timescale in which the report must be delivered.
  • All parties responsible for the payment of fees.
  • Expert reports, all present and updated in the future as required.

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