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Independent Occupational Therapy

The need for independent occupational therapy in today's society is greater than ever; this is because of the ever increasing strain on the NHS and Social Services and also for sectors that are not covered by these public organisations.

Occupational therapy can help to provide advice and treatment for people suffering mental and physical issues to enable them to live life as an independent member of society. Independent occupational therapy services can find their expertise needed by the following sectors on a regular basis:

  • Businesses
  • Private individuals
  • Case managers
  • Solicitors
  • Care homes
  • Local authorities
  • Schools
  • Charities

They provide care and assessments for all of these services and also work with a wide range health conditions including:

  • Mental health
  • Learning difficulties
  • Paediatrics
  • Neurological
  • Elderly
  • Orthopaedic


Independent occupational therapy companies have the capabilities to carry out assessments and reports in a number of areas. This could involve going into a client's home, school, place of work or into care homes or housing association properties to look at potential hazards and carry out checks on how the use of equipment can be utilised to improve and sustain independence for the client involved. Therapists can also determine what exactly is needed, how much the equipment will cost and a list of suppliers.

Assessments can be used to provide information and advice on the moving and handling of patients. This can include:

  • Recommendations on the best way to lift and hoist and transfer a patient so as not to cause harm.
  • Training to staff to teach them the correct moving and handling techniques.
  • Assess specific and current handling techniques to make sure they are suitable.
  • Provide recommendations on stair lifts or through floor lifts that can be used.

For those people that have had an injury or accident that has hindered the ability to drive, independent occupation therapy services can provide a vehicle and driving assessment. This assessment can determine if you are able to drive safely, ways to improve driving and any aids or modifications that may be helpful when driving.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Independent occupational therapists can provide help to those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome; this syndrome can affect people of all ages and from all walks of life. Individuals suffer from symptoms such as painful muscles, severe fatigue, altered sleeping and cognitive disturbances. Therapists can help with individual or group treatment to manage and enable suffers to improve the symptoms of CFS.

Finding an independent occupational therapist

Independent occupational therapists can be found through a number of avenues. If may be that you are recommended one through you GP as an alternative to NHS and Social Services, this is likely to be a therapist working in the local area. You could also be put in touch with an independent occupational therapist through your local community centre, housing association or a local charity.

They can also be found in the same ways as you would find many other services through local directories or through the internet via a search engine.

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