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Occupational Therapy Reports

Occupational therapy is applied to many forms of mental or physical health issues; therapists work with individuals to help them maintain or improve their independent lives. Therapists are required to carry out occupational therapy reports in a number of different areas.

Occupational therapy reports- Medico-legal

Occupational therapy reports that carried out to suit medico-legal terms are done when there is a case of personal injury or accident. They may also be carried out in cases of medical negligence against a claimant. Occupational therapists are instructed by a claimant, claimant`s solicitor, referral agent or as a single joint expert to conduct a medico-legal report that will be presented to a court to aid them in concluding a case. The report conducted will include information on the claimant`s lifestyle before the injury and accident and the costs of their health bills and their lifestyle in the present and future state. Future cost of treatment and living expenses will be factored in to the report, things such as the cost of any equipment needed (wheelchairs, walk-in baths, seating) and costs of transportation and expenses that may have to be paid to carry out gardening and decorating.

Occupational therapy reports- Home, work, school

Occupational therapists can be asked to carry out reports for a patient in their homes and places of work. This can also be applied when working with children in schools. Therapists will examine the area to determine any potential hazards such as items that could cause a patient to trip. Assessments and reports will be used to decide upon any changes that may be needed in terms of mobility; these can be minor and major. Minor changes could be the lowering of door handles for easy reach and more major changes could be the installation of a stair or through floor lift, widening of doors for wheelchair access and wheelchair ramps for easy entrance. Everything in the report will be geared towards making life for the patient as independent as possible.

Occupational therapy Reports- Vehicle and driving

Assessments and reports can be carried out assess a patient who has suffered an injury that has hindered them in the ability to drive. Patients will be assessed to see if they are safe to drive as-well as ways to improve driving and any aids and modifications that will enable you to do so. A report will be made on previous driving history, medical history and the need to drive. Tests are conducted on vision, memory, physical ability and concentration. A review on the laws of the road will also be carried out. Another part of the report which is filed is an on the road test which is conducted by a driving instructor and an occupational therapist.

Occupational Therapy reports- Wheelchairs

Reports and assessments can also be carried on if a patient is in need of wheelchair, therapists can recommend the most appropriate wheelchair for your needs. Therapists will also teach and monitor the use of the patient and wheelchair.

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